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Election 2012 – one negative reaction and one positive reaction

Published 07/11/2012 by crimsonghad

Obama wins!!!!!

Suffice to say that @KristenNeel_ was not a fan of the Obama victory. And by the way Australia has a Prime Minister…who is a woman…and not religious. But hey, 0/3 isn’t bad.


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…And the postive reaction is this incredible article from David Simon. It is mindblowingly good and you MUST read it. I insist.


I am a heterosexual male and I freely admit: I LOVE DAVID SIMON


Obama v Romney Presidential Debate 1 – in 90 secs, not 90 mins

Published 04/10/2012 by crimsonghad


If, unlike me, you have a life and don’t have time to spend 90 mins watching the Obama v Romney debate then perhaps you will like my slightly irreverent bullet point review of the points made by each candidate last night that will take about 90 secs to read:

President Barack Hussein Obama II:

  • We’ll help middle income and lower income families
  • Personal voter stories by the bucket load
  • Lower taxes for some
  • $1 trillion deficit from previous government
  • …er, um, er…
  • Handful of lists: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • ‘I’m all in favour of green energy’
  • ‘Money in their pocket’
  • …er, um, er…
  • Close loopholes on overseas jobs
  • ‘Create American jobs’
  • $4 trillion deficit reduction plan
  • …er, um, er…
  • Dead grandma
  • Help Medicare
  • Obamacare, yay
  • ‘Build, help, create, fight’
  • Of Romney’s plans, ‘We don’t know the details’

Governor Willard Mitt Romney:

  • We’ll help middle income families and lower income families
  • Personal voter stories by the bucket load
  • Lower taxes for all
  • $1 trillion deficit from current government
  • Fuckloads of lists: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • ‘I’m all in favour of green energy but…(I prefer everything else)’
  • ‘I don’t wanna kill jobs’
  • Massachusetts is great, therefore I am great
  • Why is Obama cutting Medicare?
  • Obamacare, boo
  • Private care, yay
  • ‘Deficit, deficit, deficit, deficit’
  • Of Romney’s plans, ‘I know the details but won’t tell you’