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Election 2012 – one negative reaction and one positive reaction

Published 07/11/2012 by crimsonghad

Obama wins!!!!!

Suffice to say that @KristenNeel_ was not a fan of the Obama victory. And by the way Australia has a Prime Minister…who is a woman…and not religious. But hey, 0/3 isn’t bad.


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…And the postive reaction is this incredible article from David Simon. It is mindblowingly good and you MUST read it. I insist.

I am a heterosexual male and I freely admit: I LOVE DAVID SIMON


Presidential Debate 2 – Review in buzzwords

Published 18/10/2012 by crimsonghad

Mitt Romney                               Barack Obama

I know what it takes                                  Romney is a LIAR [paraphrased]

Grow jobs                                                    Trade deals will grow jobs

5 point plan                                                 He has 1 point plan for folks at top

He’s had 4 years                                         I’ve had 4 years to clear up Bush’s 10

Balanced budget                                        He cuts Planned Parenthood

When I was Gov. of Massachusetts        I was raised by a single mom

Middle class: ‘crushed’, ‘ruined’               Middle class: ‘relief’, Bush ‘squeezed’

I wanna help small business                      98% hostage for top 2%

Energy independent                                  Increased coal, oil, wind & solar

Add jobs                                                       My grandmother…

President has had 4 years                        My grandfather…

Find some women that are qualified     Not the kind of advocacy women need

Binders full of women                              Lilly Ledbetter Fair Play Act

Of course (my numbers) add up            $8 trillion cuts. How?

Grow jobs                                                    Double exports will grow jobs

I ran businesses                                         I cut taxes for middle class

I came from small business                     I cut taxes for small business

I know what it takes                                  I saved auto industry

I ran Olympics                                            I ended Iraq War

Road to Greece                                           I killed Osama Bin Laden

My priority is jobs                                     I reigned in Wall Street

Look at your pension                                 My pension is not as big as yours

14 days to call it a terrorist attack        I said it was terrorism day after

President culpable for Benghazi             I don’t play politics with US lives.

He went to fundraisers next day            Not what a Commander-In-Chief does

No new legislation for guns                     Ban assault weapons

Educate using nuclear family                  Romney flip-flopped on guns for NRA

Immigration: Pathway to citizenship    Immigration: Pathway to citizenship

Punish offenders and deport them        We need to create the new Google

Lower corporate tax rate                          Lower corporate tax rate

Canada has 15% tax. We must match    We will remove loopholes to compete

China’s been cheating                                 We are tough on China. He is not.

Government does not create jobs          He said 47% of you are victims

Regulations have quadrupled                 Reducing deficit a moral obligation

I know what it takes to grow jobs           Create good paying jobs

And the winner is…