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Jeremy Clarkson – response to reasons for signing published on (most popular)

Published 11/03/2015 by crimsonghad


Given the media outpouring over the Jeremy Clarkson suspension saga (he has not been sacked at time of posting – 17:30 11 March) I thought I’d offer answers to a few of the reasons posted on for Jeremy Clarkson to be reinstated.

The originals are in italics (spelling and grammar mistakes unchanged) and my response in bold.

“I pay my TV license to ensure that irreverent people can express themselves. If you become boarding and politically correct, you may disappear BBC.”

You pay your TV license because it is the law.

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“A minority of over sensitive people should not ruin one of Britons favourite shows.”

Oversensitive people such as the country of Argentina, India’s high commision, the Mexican senate and anyone offended by the term ‘n**ger’.


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“BBC, you don’t wanna piss off 300 million people.”

It worked for Hitler.

“Jeremy is a bastion of light in a dark PC world”

I like PC World. They sell nice computers and usually turn the electric on from my experience.


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“Clarkson suspended for arguing while Jimmy Savile got away with multiple rapes”

Clarkson has been suspended for alleged assault, actually, which is against the law.

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“I’m signing because the far bigger evil is censorship via political correctness which the BBC have been indulging in for far too long”

The BBC has a remit for impartiality


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“Freedom of speech, freedom of expression!!!

‘Je suis Clarkson’ !!!”

And the freedom to allegedly punch people? P.S. He was not shot.

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“Because its the only thing left that justifies the license fee.

This is just left wing BBC censoring the only right wing comedy left.”

I think you’ll find the BBC features David Cameron and Nigel Farage regularly.


“I’m signing because Clarkson is a superb presenter and Top Gear is without doubt one the BBC’s better programmes. The viewing figures support this.”

As they also do with Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Let me just say for the record, I really don’t care either way but the BBC are conducting an investigation at time of posting (11 March) so if you wish to sign the petition supporting Jeremy Clarkson please click the link below.

If you wish to sign the counter petition be my guest on this link



The Returned

Published 21/07/2013 by crimsonghad


‘Les Revenants’ (The Returned) is a French psychological horror, whodunnit/is alive drama which is astounding on so many levels. The writing is tight with so many questions asked in each episode and yet the viewers do not feel short changed because the multiple stories move along at such a pace. They begin with one character being focused upon in the past and it turns out that they are in fact dead (not really a spoiler so no alert) for that. As we delve in to the character we find many different things about them. The ‘returned’ are many but we don’t know who is alive or who is dead in some cases. By the end of the series (next week) maybe we will discover more. Amongst the most strange of the ‘returned’ are Simon, Madame Costa and Victor – the quite astounding young actor Swann Nambotin.


Victor is one of the first ‘returned’ we see, along with Camille, and he seemingly has the ability to make all mothers in the world freeze with his gaze of desolation. It is a performance heightened by his inactivity which at times explodes exposing certain talents he has acquired in his death. In fact all of the ‘returned’ have talents. Be it seeing the dead, jumping from windows or immaculate hair. Surely there are more set to be unearthed?

This is all underpinned by a superb score from Scottish rockers Mogwai who add a weird and disturbing soundtrack to this haunted village. Indeed the deserted and isolated nature of the town adds to the atmospheric condition with it being a character that juxtaposes beautifully with the diverse folk inhabiting it.


What makes this stand out, though, is the characterisation. The alive are not different from the dead. Suspicion abounds as no one character is pure good or pure evil. There are known killers who seem to have more of a positive side than the police or even religious figures in the town. While there are deaths and dead people it has less in common with the high octane approach of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ but more with a recent BBC Three show. However, the depth of characterisation sets it apart from BBC Three’s ‘In The Flesh’ which for all its brilliance (lauded in a previous blog) always seemed to have a liberal agenda. ‘The Returned’ teaches us to trust no one in true ‘X-Files’ style and that aides the underlying tension masterfully created by the numerous aspects of sound, vision, setting, writing and characters.


Channel 4 are to be commended for buying such a drama even if BBC have already broken the mould with a spate of Scandanavian imports. The marketing has also been tremendous with adverts in French and with French subtitles adding to the word of mouth. I, myself, was brought to ‘The Returned’ by Twitter posts talking about the French adverts during the first episode. If you don’t like watching subtitles then maybe this isn’t for you. But then if you don’t watch the TV while viewing a programme then you should just throw yourself in a big bloody bin.

Catch up on 4OD (or youtube for earlier episodes) it is well worth it.

Jimmy Savile: A Tragedy

Published 24/10/2012 by crimsonghad

In the last 3 weeks I’ve seen two documentaries, hundreds of news reports, thousands of newspaper articles and what seems like millions of people who ‘knew about it’ but actually did nothing.

I feel absolutely terrible for all of those involved and my background as a Sociology student, having read about lots of such cases, means that I empathise more than your Average Joe.

However, in all of this I fear that we have completely lost sight of the biggest tragedy of them all…

Not the hundreds of victims of abuse from Savile and his ‘paedophile ring’ for years.

Not the mental patients so clearly let down by the system that allowed this monster to abuse them.

Not the unwitting charities, now closing, that bore Savile’s name unaware of the consequences.

Not the living celebrities whose reputations are going to be ruined by association with Savile and the inevitable investigations in to a cultural chauvinism that still exists today.

Not the BBC executives who lost out on a huge story and are now in danger of being torn apart by a Tory government already intent on their destruction.

Not the fact that I realised I’ve been spelling Jimmy Savile’s name with two ‘ls’ incorrectly for my whole life.

No. The biggest loser in all of this is…

Yes. Hugh Dennis. This is the end of his career.