Jimmy Savile: A Tragedy

Published 24/10/2012 by crimsonghad

In the last 3 weeks I’ve seen two documentaries, hundreds of news reports, thousands of newspaper articles and what seems like millions of people who ‘knew about it’ but actually did nothing.

I feel absolutely terrible for all of those involved and my background as a Sociology student, having read about lots of such cases, means that I empathise more than your Average Joe.

However, in all of this I fear that we have completely lost sight of the biggest tragedy of them all…

Not the hundreds of victims of abuse from Savile and his ‘paedophile ring’ for years.

Not the mental patients so clearly let down by the system that allowed this monster to abuse them.

Not the unwitting charities, now closing, that bore Savile’s name unaware of the consequences.

Not the living celebrities whose reputations are going to be ruined by association with Savile and the inevitable investigations in to a cultural chauvinism that still exists today.

Not the BBC executives who lost out on a huge story and are now in danger of being torn apart by a Tory government already intent on their destruction.

Not the fact that I realised I’ve been spelling Jimmy Savile’s name with two ‘ls’ incorrectly for my whole life.

No. The biggest loser in all of this is…

Yes. Hugh Dennis. This is the end of his career.


5 comments on “Jimmy Savile: A Tragedy

  • That’s wrong on every level. The embarrassing thing is: I only found out two weeks ago and the first thing I said to my husband was ‘I didn’t know, was he?’ to which I think he wanted to throw his book at my head! The second thing I said was ‘oh, what’s Hugh going to do now?’
    Does that make us sick 😀

  • Who is the real sick man in this so called society? Is it Jimmy Savile and friends who have provided countless hours of delight and fun for millions of people worldwide and in return all they ask is to abuse hundreds of children without being judged or interfered with so they can continue to ruin a few peoples lives for the benefit of everyone else?

    Or is it the businessman, in his suit and tie, making love to his wife every day for 40 years and never having brought anyone any joy at all apart from his own family?

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